Kingdom: Fire Kingdom
Level: 99
Disposition: Friendly
Weakness: Nothing
Mythology: Chinese Mythology


Zhuque (朱雀 In Chinese, Zhū Què; すざく in Japanese, Suzaku)

Zhuque is the Leader of the Fire Kingdom and it's most powerful inhabitant. It has a large golden feathars and the vicinity of the main wing-bone which are dark orange. He has a long neck and two bruning antlers. It has a spendid back colored with large feathers which are white in the middle and red in the center.


Zhuque is the strongest of all the birds and phoenix race. He might look like a normal bird or like a normal pheonix, but he is the strongest of them.

Some of it's abilities include burning feather, dance of death, beak bite, reincarnation, and claw strike.


It has been the leader of the Fire Kingdom for millenia.


It is calm and always confident


With Baihu:

With Qinglong:

With Gui Xian:

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