Dien ogre
Kingdom: Forest Kingdom
Level: 29
Disposition: Protective
Weakness: Unknow
Mythology: Medieval Mythology


Ogres are horrendous beings feared by most of people not only because of theyre looks but also because of theyre attitude.They live in the woods and swamps a group of ogres is thought to live in Zephon.

Hunting and WeaponryEdit

Ogres are powerfull creautures and they hunt almost anything they prefer to hunt humans most of the time but they are so violent and fierce that they even hunt giants some times they normaly have a leader that usually is bigger then the other ogres Ogres like to build big weapons they do it with the bones from small dragons they hunt and others things they can find that are durable and strong. The Weapons are: Axes and Hammers the size of humans.

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