Kingdom: Undead Kingdom
Level: 75
Disposition: Agressive
Weakness: {{{Weakness}}}
Mythology: {{{Mythology}}}[[Category:|Moxx]]


Moxx is a Black Dragon who was found in Elinor by a explorer when he was an egg. He was brought to Svarka and raised there. Moxx is now responsible for the Fifth Floor of Svarka, where he keeps an eye on the most terrible people you can find in the Fantasia Pankosmia. Moxx can breath dark flames that will turn anything into ashes within seconds. There are stories that deep within Svarka, some of the people who tried to escape when meeting Moxx were so terrified that they would try to kill themselves in any way possible; even if they are just stories it intensifies the horror of Moxx and Svarka.

Abilities Edit




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