Cyborg Guy
Title: "Bot"
Profession: Fighting
Class: Advanced Technology
Weapon: Assorted Weaponry
Cybernetic Enhancements
Affiliation: Various

Cyborgs are humans enhanced with technology. Many were previously soldiers who were wounded or disabled in combat.



Many cyborgs have mechanical pieces attached to their body, though some have parts under their skin instead. Many have had their body proportions altered, though some look the exact same as before.



With their cybernetic enhancements, cyborgs have much more physical strength than normal humans. Some cyborgs have steel plates or such imbedded onto or into them, making them bullet resistant. Most cyborgs have the resistance and power to take down lower-leveled monsters with their bare hands.

Many soldiers who are turned into cyborgs often elect to install weapons onto their frame, such as machine guns, blades, and flamethrowers. Some cyborgs even add small rocket launchers or chainsaws.

Aside from their modifications, having to constantly repair and maintain themselves often transforms cyborgs into skilled pilots and machinists due to their technical expertise.


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