I will eat your soul ammit by tsuani inushiro-d33f3n4
Kingdom: Water Kingdom
Level: TBA
Disposition: TBA
Weakness: TBA
Mythology: Egyptian Mythology


Ammit, a beast with the face of a crocodile and a body of a lion and a hippo combined, is a beast so fierce it has earned many nicknames among humans. Out of all the nicknames, this one is the most famous "Devourer of hearts",only hearing its name was enough to make people shiver in fear. Ammit lives in a a lake of fire it is there that it rests after eating "100 hearts".


Ammit is capable of breathing fire relatevely fast, capable of outruning most people. It kills it's victim in a unusual way; even if the fire burns you, the Ammit will only kill you with a bite to the heart.

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